Antibacterial Soaps a Thorn in my Side

I wanted to shed a little more light on the harmful effects of antibacterial soaps. I found this report by global news which confirms what I have heard over the years, they are bad for us and the environment. I can actually say I hate them and they are not necessary for household use.  It would make me so happy to see them taken off the market. Here are a couple of highlights from the report, if you have the time it's worth reading the whole thing:

  1. The FDA released a statement stating, they have no scientific evidence to prove that antibacterial soaps are more effective than plain soap and water.  Also, the CDC researched studies dating back to 2005 concluding antibacterial soap to be no better at protecting humans then plain soap and water.
  2. They are harmful to the environment, the chemicals used in the antibacterial soaps aren’t filtered by water purification systems and can lead to antibiotic resistance.
  3. They reduce the presence of good bacteria that we need to strengthen and support our immune systems.


For more information read the article below.

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