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One of the biggest reasons I started this group is that I am so tired of seeing children sick. It breaks my heart. I feel so blessed to have a happy and healthy child because I know there are so many parents out there fighting to see their child live another day.  That’s what we do as parents we fight for our children, we fight to give them the best possible life that we can.  We fight for them to have opportunities and experiences that we didn’t have. We fight to ensure their safety and protection. We do this because we love them more than anything else in the world and we want them to be happy and healthy. I was on facebook and something popped up in my news feed. There is a young bright, beautiful 12-year-old girl battling cancer from my hometown. I don’t know her personally but my aunt who has successfully battled cancer has connected with her and provides her support and encouragement along her journey. Anytime someone has had a similar experience to you a bond is formed because you have a deeper understanding of what that person is going through. I was reading the post made by this girl’s aunt and I looked down at the picture and there was a carton of chocolate milk and I broke down, I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t stop crying. Then I said to myself enough is enough! I pulled out the laptop and started typing.

When is this going to stop! When will schools, hospitals, and homes stop feeding children foods that are making them sick? When will the focus switch from treatment to prevention? When will the government start looking out for the health of its people and not let corporations dictate policy? I am fucking fed up and I am done staying quiet! I am a mother who is going to fight. I am going to fight for the protection and welfare of the most vulnerable members of our society - the living beings that we share this planet with that need our help. I am going to work on bringing awareness to all the different aspects of health and wellness, in hopes that it will help someone. We need to educate ourselves and be informed consumers and look at the products we bring into our homes every day. If we don’t start making changes today it’s only going to get worse. They say it takes a community to raise a child and I believe it, we need to work together and keep each other safe and protected. It has been my vision to create a community in this blog where like-minded people can come together and support one another, because now more than ever, we need to be looking out for one another.   

With that being said, I wanted to highlight a couple of factors that related to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Many of the nutrition based doctors that I follow, do not recommend using vegetable-based oils since they have been shown to have the same effect on the arteries as animal fats and could lead to cardiovascular disease. I am going to post the links so you can watch for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell was one of the lead doctors that conducted the China Study. It was one of the longest nutritional research studies to have ever taken place. Basically, they looked at the theory that cancer is genetic. What they found was yes there is a genetic component to cancer but animal proteins initiated the growth of cancer cells. In a nutshell, genetics loads the gun but your diet pulls the trigger. Also, check out the documentary Forks Over Knives for more on this topic.

This is a well-reviewed and published study which leads me to my next cause of concern the Canadian Cancer Society. I personally have had a couple of issues with this organization. First,  a large portion of the funding goes towards research while leaving a small portion to focus on prevention. For the general public, it is fairly common knowledge that carcinogens are in our everyday products, from cosmetics and personal care products to household cleaner, and chemicals that are sprayed on our foods. I would like to see the Canadian Cancer Society put more energy into lobbying governments to ban these known carcinogens for public use. Second, is their dietary recommendations. They recommend dairy products and lean animal proteins. Going back to data found in the China Study that showed the correlations between animal proteins and cancer growth. I don’t know how they can promote dairy and meats as healthy choices to people battling cancer. On their website, they say “No one should face cancer alone."  I am saying that’s not good enough. No one should face cancer period. I know this might seem a little idealistic but there is so much we can control through prevention. 

"A diet rich in animal-based foods and deficient in plant-based foods has been associated with breast cancer, almost ad nauseum, but the diet recommended by the professional cancer societies for breast cancer survivors is nearly opposite the evidence on prevention.[3] For example, breast cancer survivors are told to eat small meals but also to “make sure” to include some protein such as eggs and Greek yogurt and, simultaneously, to focus on foods “you really like.” It is also said that cancer patients should be careful about consuming too much fiber, which is exclusively provided by plants. Although total cancer mortality has decreased about 20% during the past 2-3 decades, probably due to cancer prevention, I do not believe that much progress has been made on the matter of cure, certainly not the kind inferred by the many promises now made for so many decades.” T. Colin Campbell, PhD “Too Many Cancer Promises & Too Much Professional Arrogance” published April 20, 2018.

Here is a quote, explaining how vegetable oils play a role in cancer growth:  

“Although typically ignored, dietary saturated fat (and its fat companions: dietary cholesterol and total fat) is also highly correlated with animal protein-based diets. But seriously, who would dare to question protein, the bastion of animal-based foods? For over a century, compelling evidence (in rabbit experiments) showed very specifically that animal-based protein, was MORE effective than dietary cholesterol in raising blood cholesterol and causing ‘heart disease.’ Later, evidence, both in animal and human studies showed that this protein effect on blood cholesterol and early atherogenesis (cardiovascular disease) referred to animal-based protein, not plant-based protein. In short, animal-based protein is more hazardous than lipids (cholesterol and fatty acids).

Unsaturated fat (PUFAs) are susceptible to tissue damaging oxidation, and saturated fat is not. Oxidation brings into consideration the formation of chemically reactive oxygen (as ‘reactive oxygen species, ROS) that causes aging and increases cardiovascular disease and cancer. For example, plant oils experimentally promote cancer much more than does saturated fats—that’s right. This is an experimental observation that is at least 30-40 years old.

From a practical perspective, however, this mainly refers to added oils-isolated from plant sources. It does not refer to the oil within those plant-based foods because plants contain lots of antioxidants to keep the tissue damaging effects of ROS under control. In my opinion, this is a primary reason for avoiding consumption of added oils. Another reason for avoiding these oils is their contribution to total calorie intake which displaces, in effect, the consumption of calorie containing whole, plant-based foods.” T. Colin Campbell, PhD “Plant Oils are not a Healthy alternative to Saturated Fat” published July 21, 2016

I know for most it’s confusing to know what is best. But I think this sums it up perfectly.

"One of the most fortunate findings from the mountain of nutritional research I’ve encountered is that good food and good health is simple. The biology of the relationship of food and health is exceptionally complex, but the message is still simple. The recommendations coming from the published literature are so simple that I can state them in one sentence: eat a whole foods, plant-based diet, while minimizing the consumption of refined foods, added salt and added fats.”Drs. T. Colin & Tom Campbell, The China Study.

So I wanted to create a recipe without the use of oil, to follow their recommendations. I will say we still use vegetable oils but most of my recipes can be adapted to not include them if cardiovascular disease or cancer is a particular health concern of yours.  However, I will be posting some recipes that do use oil. I feel since we are whole foods plant based and are eating large amounts of antioxidants, fibre and all the other benefits that come with being plant-based I am not worried about the amount oil we consume but it is something I am conscious of.

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