Mixing Things Up

For as long as I can remember one of my main areas of passion has always been holistic and natural healthcare. I have been reflecting on when it all began and I would have to give credit to my mother. I can remember her always having natural supplements and homeopathic remedies in the house. She was a big believer in using massage therapy and chiropractors to treat and manage soft tissue injuries, well before it was mainstream. Looking back she was really ahead of the game in these areas. One memory that really stands out is when she threw out our microwave claiming it caused cancer, therefore, we would no longer have one in the house. At the time my brother and I just chalked this up to her slightly eccentric behavior. All of these little things definitely made an impression on me. To this day I don’t own a microwave. Not only for the cancer link, microwaves also kill most of the nutrients when you use them to reheat your food. My mother was the one who pushed me to become a Massage Therapist, which opened the door to alternative and preventive healthcare. For any of you who don’t know me, I used to be an RMT. I loved the impact I was able to make in people lives through massage. People were always happy to see me and felt better when they left. What I loved the most about being an RMT was how it shone a light on a different way of living. Using natural and non-invasive methods to help people, manage diseases and injuries from arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfer’s elbow, scoliosis, sciatic nerve pain, disc herniations, headaches, TMJ, sprains, strains, and whiplash. What I started to notice was that for my clients to achieve overall well being it would take a variety of different modalities, healthy lifestyle choices and taking initiative on their part. This is when I really started to learn more about the role nutrition played on the body. From preventing and reverse certain diseases, like diabetes, to looking at recovery time post-surgery or injury, to digestive issues, mental and emotional health, it was clear nutrition was fundamental. While nutrition was one component there were many others, for example, physical activity, connection to nature,  maintaining a positive mindset, whether or not a person loved their job and reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals and the list goes on. My goal for this group started as a way to look at health and wellness through diet, but that is only one of my passions and one area when talking about wellness. I have decided to better serve all of you and help families, I am going to incorporate all my areas of love and expertise. I have 12 years of professional experience as an RMT and working in both clinical and spa environments. I can prescribe homecare for sciatic nerve pain just as easily as I can for skin/body care. I love everything that is natural health related and I am continuously learning more every day. I am still going to post recipes and health topics but I am going to open it up to so much more. What I noticed from my years of practice was my clients who received the most benefits and longest lasting results from my treatments were that ones who did the recommended homecare and did it consistently. I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to take ownership of your own health and put yourself first, so you are then better able to care for the ones you love.  It’s never too late to make changes. They can be little ones, like going for a walk in the woods or hanging out with people that make you happy. You have the power every minute of every day to change the story of your life. All it takes is the decision to rewrite it. Just remember “it’s not about what we did yesterday, it about what we do today”.


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