Travelling With a Toddler

River is a fairly well-traveled toddler. He has accumulated more stamps on his passport in his first 2 ½ years than I did in my first 25. Any parent or person that has traveled with a toddler knows that it is an entirely different ballgame and like any lesson learned, trial and error is the best teacher. In January we planned a family trip to Europe. We started in London visiting friends of ours who also have a little boy 3 months older than River. The trip had its fair share of highs and lows. The meltdowns were real, like when I literally had to carry River kicking and screaming out of the National History Museum in London. If anyone of you has ever been there you will know how big it is. It was the longest walk of my life with a screaming toddler in my arms. Once we got down to the coat check the meltdown continued, flailing around on the ground, hitting his head on the floor, disrupting the peace of the entire museum. Then we grab our secret weapon, his blanky and reached a ceasefire. However, we still had to give him his space and allow him time to calm down but the violent outburst had ceased for the time being. We learned a lot from that ambitious month long trip:

  1. Give them time to adjust to the jet lag and time change. Don’t plan too much for the first couple of days and let them rest.
  2. Don’t try to do a new place every 3-4 days. Spend a minimum of a week in each new place.
  3. Make sure they get their naps. They can get very overstimulated and worn out very easily, so naps are important.
  4. Make sure you have lots of snacks.
  5. Guard their security blanket or stuffed animals with your life and take it everywhere!
  6. Just surrender to their needs and wants (to an extent). It helps to maintain balance, peace, and calm. Calm seas make for smooth sailing.
  7. One big activity for a day is enough.
  8. If Mommy and Daddy want a vacation leave the children with the grandparents.

So, this time when we were planning our trip home.  I followed the above guidelines and the only thing I did differently was to incorporated DoTERRA oil blends - particularly, the peace blend for calming, the cheer blend for joy and the on Guard to help with supporting the immune system.  Now, the peace I used on the flight over and it worked like a charm. I haven’t been as regular with them since, except for the on Guard. I started to get a cold and started taking it and within 2 days, it has started to clear. I don’t think I have ever had a cold that has only lasted 2 days. So far this has been a much more pleasant travel experience plus it’s just River and me for most of the trip. So I’ll take all the help I can get.


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