Using doTERRA

I have recently been introducing essential oil back into my home. When I used up what a had in Bermuda, I didn’t replace it since we were moving. I have a friend that had started using doTERRA. This friend used to be a big fan of another popular essential oil company, so I reached out to her and asked her why she switched. This is what she had to say “It was a few reasons, integrity, quality and the business opportunity. The other popular essential oil company used to be a rock solid company but they changed their management around a bit and I'd notice there were some changes in quality. Then someone in Quebec had their own independent testing done which proved that was the case and the company's response was less than satisfactory.  doTERRA sources indigenously and is better than fair trade in regards to labor wages and relationships with farmers. The product is thoroughly screened for purity and 3rd party tested. Their compensation package is good and supportive to help you develop.” I met Amanda 10 years ago. We became neighbors and instant friends. We connected over our mutual love for holistic health.  I was an RMT and studying holistic nutrition. She was a yoga teacher, school counselor, and a natural health enthusiast. Did I mention she was the first vegetarian/vegan I had ever met around my age and inspired me to go vegetarian? Needless to say, she was a wealth of knowledge. I learned so much from her and she always remained current in health and wellness trends. I knew if she was using doTERRA -  it had to be good. Having a strong spa background, I have worked with many essential oils, professionally and personally. I started asking Amanda for more information about the company and the oils. I have to say -  I was blown away. The values of the company completely aligned with my own, plus, the quality of the oil was far superior to anything I have ever used before. I have psoriasis and when I used certain oils in the past, I would often have psoriasis flare-ups. What I had suspected was that it was something synthetic in the oil causing the irritation, not the actual oil itself.  Since I have been using doTERRA I haven’t had a flare-up. I love supporting a company that values integrity and quality and is genuinely concerned about health and wellness. They have a charitable foundation called doTerra Healing Hands Foundation that supports different community projects. I love the oils and will share with you some practical uses that you can use them for around the house and in recipes.

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