Cooking from Scratch

Some of my favourite childhood memories were snow days. School would be cancelled and I would head across the field to my grandma’s house and spend the day in the kitchen baking with her. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with her. She fostered my love for cooking and especially baking. She made and still makes pretty much everything from scratch. From baked goods, bread and jams, she does it all.  She is an amazing cook/baker. I don’t remember her ever making anything that didn’t taste incredible. She definitely had a strong influence on me. One of my favourite pastimes is baking. I love the smell that fills the air when something is baking in the oven. It makes me feel like a house is a home. There is just something comforting about it. I love cooking from scratch. I love how it enhances the favours of food. I like knowing we are reducing our exposure to harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial coloring/ flavourings and synthetic fillers, which can wreak havoc on yours and especially your child’s health. Many common chemicals and preservatives found in foods today are proven to be endocrine disruptors, they can impair immune function and are linked to certain types of cancer.  Furthermore, it’s far more cost efficient to make things from scratch vs buying them already pre-made. Also, it’s a great skill to teach your children and a fun way to spend time together.  

When I turned plant based I just converted some of my favourite grandmother’s recipes. It’s actually quite easy and you don’t even notice the difference. In baking, you can replace eggs for a flax meal replacer or applesauce, aquafaba and bananas. 1 TBSP of flax meal mixed with 3 TBSPS of water and set aside for 5 minutes to allow to thicken = 1 egg. Regular butter can be substituted with coconut oil or vegan butter.  Regular chocolate chips can be replaced by vegan chocolate chips. Not only did I change recipes to make them vegan I also tried to make them I little healthier, by reducing the amount of sugar and using minimally processed sugar and using whole grain spelt flour in place of all-purpose white flour. I am going to post my modified version of Grandma Helen’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself and making cookies from scratch is a far better alternative to store bought cookies. Also, for all of you busy parents/people out there, these only take 30 minutes max, start to finish. I sat River on the counter and got him involved with helping me make them, mind you, all he wanted to do was eat the chocolate chips, but we have to start somewhere!

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