Blackberry Gummies



2 ¾ cups of blackberries

⅓ cup of juice ( I used orange, but you could use whatever you have in the house)

1 ½ tbsp of agar agar powder

Optional 2-3 tbsp of maple syrup if you want them sweeter.

Place blackberries, juice and maple syrup in a blender and purée until smooth. ( I didn’t use maple syrup but if you want them sweeter you will want to add it.)

Take a strainer and strain the mixture to remove the seeds.

Preheat medium-size pot over medium heat. Then add strained fruit mixture and agar agar powder.

Stir continuously and let simmer for 3 minutes.

Remove mixture from heat and place in silicone molds. Place in freezer for 20-30 mins to allow to set. (The smaller the molds you use, the less setting time needed.)

Remove from freezer and pop gummies out of the molds. At this point, they are ready to eat or place in airtight container and store in the fridge.