Cardamom & Cinnamon Spiced Rice Pudding


Serves 4 people

1 cup arborio rice

1 cup liquid from canned coconut milk

1 cup non-dairy milk

¾ cup coconut cream (the cream left in the canned coconut milk after the liquid is drained out)

½ cup of water

½ tsp ground cardamom

½ tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean

¼ cup of organic cane sugar

1 cinnamon stick

Candied Pineapple

½ pineapple, peeled & small diced

1 lime juiced & zest for garnish

1 star anise

3 tbsp organic cane sugar

1 tbsp water

In a medium saucepan combine the rice, water, liquid from canned coconut milk, non-dairy milk, sugar, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon stick. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer until almost all the liquid is absorbed 18-20 minutes.

Remove the cinnamon stick and stir until smooth. Once the pudding has cooled slightly. Fold in the coconut cream.

Prepare Candied Pineapple; In a small saucepan over low heat, combine sugar, lime juice, water and star anise. Heat until the sugar dissolves. Slice the pineapple into four, ½ inch thick discs and place in the lime sugar mixture, coating all of the pineapple discs.

Preheat another pan or grill for the pineapple. Grill or sear the pineapple while basting with the sugar mixture as pineapple sears it will begin to caramelize, remove from heat and baste again. Let the pineapple cool and small dice it, while discarding the core.

Place a small scoop of the rice pudding in a bowl and top with the diced pineapple and lime zest.

If there is any of the caramel/ sugar mixture left in the pan drizzle over top before serving. Enjoy!


Amy likes to use mango in place of the pineapple as it reminds her of the famous sweet dish from her travels, Thai Sticky Rice with Mango!