Five Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Use


If you haven’t heard, this month is Plastic Free July. This is a global movement that people are participating in to help reduce their use of single-use plastic items, so we can have cleaner oceans and communities.  

Like most of you we have been using reusable shopping bags for a while but here are five easy ways we have been stepping up our game to reduce our waste:

Storing and Buying Dry Goods in Glass Jars 

We have been shopping at Farm Bound Organic Zero Waste Grocery Store in Kelowna. It's an organic bulk food store but instead of filling up your dried goods in plastic bags, you put them in reusable glass jars.  For such a small space they have everything you could think of, we also refill our laundry detergent, spices, oils and vinegars. Goodbye plastic bags and packaging. 


Reusable Cutlery

One thing we started to notice when we were out for the day running around is we often found ourselves looking for a fork or spoon to eat our lunch with. One day while I was shopping at Farm Bound Zero Waste I discovered Mason Jar Lids a local Kelowna based company producing reusable coffee cups, cleaning bottles, stainless steel straws, market bags, cutlery and more. All products are made of eco-friendly materials. We like to keep our cutlery set in the car or pack it in River’s lunch box.  


Reuseable Produce Bags

Whether I am shopping at the local farmer’s market or grocery store these reuseable shopping bags allow me to ditch plastic single-use bags when stocking up on veggies and fruit. The Market Bags are another local company that are helping people move towards a waste-free lifestyle.

Making Soap and Shampoo Bars

I have always loved making skin and body care products. My latest endeavour is creating shampoo bars. I love the minimalist look it creates in the shower free of packaging and advertising. But the thing I love most when comparing them to liquid natural shampoo brands is how concentrated the bars are. A little goes a long way and will leave your hair feeling amazing. 

IMG_7253 - Copy.JPG

Homemade Snacks for Summer Exploring

Now that summer is here we find ourselves spending more time outside and on the go. For any of you that have children, you know how important it is to pack snacks. Making homemade granola bars, energy bites, hummus and other snacks is a great way to avoid buying pre-packaged snacks thus helping you move one step closer to reduce your waste consumption.  Here’s the link to a few recipes Lemon Dill Hummus in the Vegan Charcuterie, Cranberry Apple Bars, and Best Ever Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Most of these companies follow the motto "Progress over Perfection" which I love because if we all do what we can, we can have a massive impact.  Another benefit of moving towards a waste-free lifestyle is it creates less clutter and garbage around the house. With less clutter in the home, you can feel more relaxed and organized and who wouldn’t like that.