Our Inspiration

The name Can I Eat At River’s? Actually evolved from a joke! One day while Chad was cooking another one of his amazing dinners, we started joking that all of River’s friends are going to be asking if they can eat at our house one day. In our home, a day doesn’t pass by where we aren’t cooking up incredible plant based meals and snacks. While we can't wait for the day Riv’s buddies are barreling through the door, in the meantime we have decided to share our food and expertise with other foodies.

Living in the Okanagan Valley we are constantly inspired by locally made products and produce. With Chad being a chef and my passion for preventative nutrition, food and cooking have always been the focal point of our lives. It is how we show we care for our family, community and the environment. The dishes we create directly reflect our values; local-high-quality, family time, traveling and having fun.

Our goal is to create mouthwatering plant-based meals and recipes for you. Chad’s chef inspired dishes put an industry spin on plant-based home cooking. The recipes will develop your culinary skills and build your food knowledge. Get ready to share an unforgettable experience with friends and family whether they are vegan or not. Like Chad always says, eat well, feel well, do well!