Can I Eat At River's? Spring Meal Planner

Can I Eat At River's? Spring Meal Planner


Can I Eat at River’s? Spring Meal Planner comes with over 12 well-balanced plant-based dinner recipes. Chef Chad Mitchell brings an industry twist to home cooking. Our goal is to help you get through the mid-week dilemma of what are we having for dinner? These recipes are designed to elevate your culinary skills by showing you how to prepare kick-ass plant-based meals that will impress your friends and family! All recipes have gluten-free options. The recipes are built to feed a family of four, expect some of the soups will feed closer to six. We list the serving sizes on the recipes so you are able to adjust as needed, cut in half for two people or double for larger families.

This Spring Meal Planner includes:

  • grocery lists

  • glossary/substitution list

  • 3 seasonal well-balanced dinner recipes with gluten-free options for each week

  • our support as your food and culinary coaches

Week 1 features Classics Turned Plant-Based:

Cashew Carbonara

Creamy Okanagan Root Vegetable Curry

Tofu/Mushroom Bourginon

Week 2 features Year of the Vegan:

Szechuan Tofu Bowl

BBQ Jackfruit Tacos with Jalapeno Slaw

Smoked Tempeh & Eggplant Ramen

Week 3 features Warm Spring Dishes:

Jerk Spiced Tofu Bowl with Pineapple Salsa

Thai Coconut Peanut Bowl

Tomato, Lemongrass & Vermicelli Soup

Week 4 features Some of Our Favs:

Eggplant Di San Xian

Tempeh & Black Bean Burrito

Cauliflower Dal Makhani & Onion Bahji

Vegan Potato Skins

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