Can I Eat At River's?
Can I Eat At River's?
Making Plant-Based Cooking Fun, Easy and Nutritious for the Family
We don’t just bring the chef to you, we bring out the chef in you!
— can I eat at river's?

Can I Eat at river’s? Cookbook

This book is so much more than your typical plant-based cookbook. It’s a plant-based menu and meal starter kit!

CAN I EAT AT RIVER’S? provides everything you need to know about planning and preparing a well-balanced plant-based meal.


Can I Eat at river’s? meal plans

New to plant-based cooking or need a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Chef Chad Mitchell brings an industry twist to home cooking. We provide you with mind blowing recipes that will develop your culinary skills and build your food knowledge. Meals that you can be excited to share with friends and family.